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“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible……” DD Eisenhower

What Clients Say…

  • “Su has been fantastic she adapted her coaching style to suit my personality and my work setting. Her approach is practical, challenging and fun and I have seen positive results from the application of the techniques she has taught me. Direction between the sessions has enabled me to stay focused on my development and Su has been accessible to discuss scenarios over the phone or via email between sessions.

    I would highly recommend Su to those looking for a practically based, real life approach to development of management skills.”

    Senior Manager, London Primary Care Trust

  • “Su helped enormously when we were going through some major changes at Cymorth where we took on responsibility for new staff and activities through a TUPE process. She worked with staff, board and Cymorth members to identify where we wanted to go and how we were going to get there – and she kept me sane during the whole process! I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

    Joy Kent, Director, Cymorth Cymru

Working with Su

  • “Ever positive she helps you see the potential not the limitations. She takes the uncertainty and confusion and helps you find the patterns and the order in it.

    She helps you understand your own stories and the importance and value in them.

    Working with Su is finding an oasis in a desert, a place for thoughts and reflection and good coffee, for gentle challenge and positive change. ”

    Helen Armstrong, Director of Housing, Cadwyn Housing Association

  • “Resilient and emotionally intelligent leadership is a fundamental part of growing successful and sustainable organisations. Su's approaches to the development of individual's and groups embody this belief. Su intuitively knows how and when to ask the right question and get to the point – driving forward individual or group self awareness and development. I have worked with Su personally, with Senior Management Teams and with not for profit Boards and would recommend her to any organisation serious about developing its leadership capacity.”

    Ewan Hilton, Executive Director, Gofal Cymru

  • “The team coaching she developed really fitted the requirements of the team dynamic, taking account of individual personalities and adapting the style of support to meet everyone's needs - the relationship with my team improved beyond belief following a session with Su! I will look forward to working with her again in the future.”

    Kate Hughes, Planning & Corporate Services Manager, Environment Agency

Feedback from clients who have been coached using the "Who do you think you are?" Coaching Programme

  • It was fun, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. A programme enhanced by the professionalism and interpersonal skills of the mentor.

  • Are there any other comments about the programme you would like to make…

    I would recommend both the course and the mentor to any colleague or friend.

  • ‘For me it was a completely new way of thinking about personal development but one that I think has provided me with the most benefit than any coaching, appraisal process, personality tests etc. have done in the past. Having the time and space to think about myself and what really motivates me was probably the most beneficial part of the programme. It made me understand what interests me and that is the starting point for me thinking about my future development plans in terms of work and personal life.
    Are there any other comments about the programme you would like to make…

    Yes – the coach is fab!’

  • Are there any other comments about the programme you would like to make…

    I have found it very beneficial and worthwhile due to the practical nature of the sessions and have really enjoyed and learnt when I have been challenged to think ‘out of the box’

  • The one to one coaching and support I received through the 'Who do you think you are?' programme really supported me through a challenging period of leadership. The programme format was engaging and enabled me to learn a lot about the way I manage both myself and others. Su's professional insight was invaluable in making me look at things differently to gain a different perspective and move situations on. Kate Hughes, Planning & Corporate Services Manager, Environment Agency

Su Turney

Photograph by Mojoffotos